Terms & Conditions

Cold Calling Service Agreement

This service contract is entered and agreed upon as of the purchase date of the order,
Effective on the starting date specified on Sign up form by the same email used in the
billing information and takes place between Company name submitted on the sign up
form ( first party ) and Rcc Real estate ( second party )
WHEREAS the first party desires to obtain the benefit of the services of the second party, and the second
party desires to render such services on the terms and conditions set forth, the parties agree as follows:

1. Services

(a) Recruitment
Whereas the second party will hire Telemarketers requested by The first party
(b) Training
Whereas the second party will provide the proper training to newly hired Telemarketers to perform the
task of telemarketing efficiently for the benefit of The first party.
(c) Management.
Whereas the second party manages all Telemarketers working for The first party and hired by the second
(d) Telemarketing
Whereas the second party’s employees will perform outbound calls on behalf of the first party’s company.

2. Deliverables

(a) The second party will hire any number of Telemarketers requested by The First Party within 1 week of notice.
(b) The second party will provide 3 days training to all newly hired Telemarketers.
(c) The second party will manage all aspects of The first party’s Cold Calling project
(d) The second party shall provide all seller leads generated via Telemarketing.
(e) The second party shall send a weekly & monthly reports of the number of leads generated
(f) The second party MUST delete any lists received from The First Party in case collaboration ends.

3. Payment

– Full Time Caller: $1400/month
– Part Time Caller: $800month
– Try us for 1 week: $400/week
– Payment term: Prepaid
● The second party is obligated to provide all services mentioned in Section 1 for starting at the date specified on sign up form, as long as the First party delivers the monthly prepaid amount
before the beginning of each month.

4. Working hours

Both parties agree on working hours to be as follows:
Full Time: 8 hours/day ( 1 month )
Part Time: 4 hours/day ( 1 month )
Try us for 1 week: 8 hours/day ( 5 business days

5. Non- Disclosure agreement

It is acknowledged and agreed by The second party that they shall not use any leads that are purchased
by The first party and/or use any leads generated via Telemarketing for their personal benefit. Violation to
this term will result in legal consequences.

6. Renewal and Cancellation

– This is a month to month contract to be renewed automatically by the beginning of each month
unless The First Party presented a written request to cancel the service.
– Cancellation Notice shall be at least 1 week before renewal date.
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